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Thin Films Expertise

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High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputter (HIPIMS) power supplies

Training in thin films and vacuum coating
Flexible on-site training in vacuum coating and thin films. Courses tailored to your exact needs.

Thin film application notes

If you make, use, or buy thin films then we can help you with :-

  • Thin films Training
  • Thin films Trouble shooting
  • Technical Marketing (thin films papers and articles)
  • Thin films process optimization
  • Thin films Product development
  • Patents (assessment and creation)

We provide thin films advice, support and training to a wide range of international customers. They range from vacuum metallizers to ITO sputter coaters, from optical coating manufacturers to architectural glass coaters, we also support a range of equipment manufacturers. Typically for larger thin film companies we provide staff training while smaller thin film companies use Alacritas for technical support, troubleshooting and thin film process development.

We have expertise in many areas of physical vapor deposition. Particular expertise in sputter deposition technology and sputter deposition of optical coatings.

In the UK we act as agents for :-

Huettinger Sputter power supplies

  - 1kW to 160kW
  - magnetron sputtering, bias and arc applications.
  - DC.
  - RF.
  - Medium Frequency (MF).

Huettinger TruPlasma power supply